George Gichure, 24
Business Intelligence Developer.

Just three days after graduating, I chose SYBYL as the launchpad for my career. With a passion for understanding the intricacies of people, group activities, and organizational dynamics, I saw Artificial Intelligence as the future focus of my endeavors. Business Intelligence, therefore, became the perfect starting point for my journey of self-growth and development, aiming to comprehend the complexities of the world and contribute meaningfully to it.

The transition from campus to corporate life was navigated through SYBYL’s BI Team where, I was trusted to wade the deep-end and I embarked on a transformative three-month phase. This period not only equipped me with a diverse palette of technologies and simulated small projects but also emphasized the significance of soft skills and corporate etiquette in the professional landscape.

Throughout my journey at SYBYL, I’ve had the privilege of working across various industries, including Retail, Health, Microfinance, Banking, Saccos, Insurance, Credit Unions, and Oil & Gas. This diverse exposure allowed me to learn the value of soft skills, corporate etiquette, successful project management, and relationship troubleshooting.

One of the unexpected and immensely positive aspects of my SYBYL experience has been the robust support structure. This has propelled my growth in interpersonal skills, shaping how I interact with the world and carry myself with reassurance and diligent confidence.

In my first year alone, I contributed to implementing BI projects for prominent entities like KWFT, Post Bank UG, Glennmark, Kenya Builders, and Rubis, while supporting Exim Bank, Amana, Ukulima Sacco, and Kimisitu Sacco. The impact of the SYBYL brand, recognized as a technology powerhouse in the business community, has significantly enhanced our credibility and support with customers.

SYBYL’s organizational rhythm, tailored for self-motivated knowledge seekers like myself, has been a game-changer. The continuous learning environment not only aligns with my career goals but also equips me to navigate technology disruptions effectively. I’ve had the privilege of honing my digital proficiencies to the point where I can mentor fellow associates, a testament to SYBYL’s commitment to building on one’s core conviction as a technology expert.

SYBYL’s initiative, translating rich industry experience into Business Intelligence knowledge through collective intelligence, has been instrumental in driving positive change. The work environment at SYBYL offers the freedom to pursue goals without constraints, setting me up for organic future learning. Every opportunity is a chance to contribute to clients, the team, and society at large, and the abundance of opportunities at SYBYL ensures that no effort is ever wasted.

I find immense pleasure in a job well done, knowing that I am delivering value to our customers. Understanding the unique worlds our clients operate in has broadened my horizons in a remarkably short time, making every day at SYBYL a rewarding adventure.