Overview of the Project

The Project included Network migration from 1G to 10G, Migration of data from NetApp storage to vBlock system Storage Stack, Call Center and Call Manager Upgrade, Backup solution implementation, Fail-over testing for the Disaster Recovery site. After the Fail-over all the URA applications on VBlock were ran seamlessly from DR site.

URA had so many silos in terms of their Server and Storage Infrastructure. Managing the infrastructure that was composed of multivendor systems was a big pain point for the customer. Moreover, the network bandwidth was always choked and as a result the Application performance was always on the lower end.

URA didn’t have a proper Backup mechanism and lacked any Business Continuity Strategy.

Sybyl understood the pain areas and came up with the solution focusing on replacing a siloed infrastructure with an agile and robust Converged Infrastructure using Dell EMC vBlock System.

With Compute, Network, and Storage combined in a single stack enabled URA to overcome the Management overhead for each of the infrastructure components.

With the new and upgraded Network layer, the Application performance dramatically improved.

URA’s Backup problems were addressed by implementing CommVault Backup Solution that helped them to have better control and management of their critical data backups.

Using VMware engine of the vBlock solution, URA could now sustain site failure as the critical data was replicated to the DR thereby resulting in a solid Business Continuity strategy.

  • URA significantly reduced their costs on Infrastructure Management, Power, Space and Cooling.
  • URA now had better RPO and RTO due to a concrete Backup and Business Continuity Strategy.
  • With improved Network layer, Application access and performance issues were now history.

Data and Application Security

Data and Application Security