The Challenge

Telkom Kenya needed to lower contact centre operational costs while creating service differentiation. Sybyl created value through delivering smarter service through technology resulting in first time call resolution hits at 98.5%.


Telkom Kenya Ltd is an industrial leader that fights off competition with improved customer experience, agent productivity and multimedia innovation

Twenty years ago, the product offer from a state-owned telecommunications provider would have started and ended with landlines. Today, with most markets opened to competition, telecoms providers have a triple play delivering mobile, broadband and landline, and often a stake in broadcast content.

Competition has helped Telkom Kenya to become more agile and more customer focused. In anticipation of the arrival of the first mobile competitor, senior management reviewed Telkom Kenya contact centre operations.

Benefiting From Control

At a basic level, Telkom Kenya wanted its contact centre to be able to handle voice and email contacts, create and monitor SLAs, and make proactive telemarketing calls. But it was also important that Telkom Kenya built a reputation for being an early adopter of technology to combat market perceptions.

A new contact centre solution would need to fit with the broader business continuity plans. As a service provider to major Kenyan corporates, wanted its entire range of contact centre services to be available within hours of a major event. Finally, Telkom Kenya wanted the contact centre to provide service differentiation. Previously perceived as slow to react and conservative, Telkom Kenya saw its contact centre as a key area to demonstrate a turnaround in the brand’s approach to the market.
Additionally Telkom Kenya wanted to explore revenue-generating options, using its contact centre expertise as an outsourcing option for Kenyan companies and to better assist Telkom Kenya’s own sales team.

Making a Smarter Contact Center

Avaya was tasked with driving greater efficiency via Telkom Kenya’s IVR. Telkom Kenya saw that increased automation in this space would help reduce costs and ensure better service for priority customers. “First time call resolution is a key target for the call centre. Using EMC dialler and EMC we have already seen faster call response times, shorter queues and improvements against SLAs. The business is experiencing 90% of calls answered in 40 seconds or less and 98.5% of calls resolved first time.

“Customers can also make payments, change their subscription details and arrange for their phones to be unblocked, check pre-paid and Post-paid all through self service via AVAYA Voice Portal. This has allowed agents to spend more time tackling key account service issues and those customers in need of most support. “The efficiency of the call centre has improved, the call waiting times have reduced and first call resolution times are faster.

Ensuring a Comprehensive Solution

Today, the Telkom Kenya contact centres include Avaya Elite Multi Channel, the latest full suite of Avaya Aura® Elite agent, Call management System. There is also a plan to integrate Avaya Social Media Manager.
At the heart of the solution is Avaya Aura® Experience Portal, the latest major release of Avaya Voice Portal.
Avaya Aura Experience Portal provides Telkom Kenya with a single point of communication orchestration of all automated voice and multimedia applications across inbound phone or video, as well as outbound, phone, email, or SMS applications. It helps cost effectively coordinate the use of resources and deliver an exceptional customer experience.
In addition, full tenant partitioning enables it to split agents according to customers, and it provides the scalability to support future growth.

Final Solutions

  • Avaya Elite MULTI CHANNEL
  • Avaya Aura® Communication Manger
  • Call Management System
  • Avaya Aura® Experience Portal

Data and Application Security

Data and Application Security