Overview of the Project

Golden Tulip is a 4-star Hotel located on Kafu Road near Twed Towers and Fairway hotel. The hotel is also near the golf course traffic junction. It has a very good view of Kololo Hill.

  • Installation of structured cabling for the entire hotel
  • Installation of Wireless Network for the whole hotel.
  • Installation of IP PBX system and phones.
  • PBAX and PMS integration.
  • HSIA installation.
  • Data center environment system.
  • Data Center Power backup system.
  • Integration all installed system into ICT (these include, CCTV, IPTV, Digital signage, Card lock system etc)

Structured Cabling and Switches

  • More than 1000 network points were installed for both guest room and admin side with an average of 40 meters per run.
  • An 8-core fibre cable was installed to every floor back to the server room.
  • Two 48 port switches were installed on every floor.

Wireless Network

  • An access point was installed behind the TV in the Guest rooms in all the 128 hotel rooms.
  • Every meeting room and every restaurant has an access point for optimum coverage in density areas.
  • A -40 dbi on average was propagated thought the hotel.
  • All installed wireless AP`s are controller based.

IP Telephone

  • All hotel rooms are installed with both a bedside and a bathroom phones.
  • Two reception consoles have been installed.
  • All lobbies have been fitted with emergency phones which ring on taking the handle off the hook.
  • The PBX has been integrated with the PMS so that the phone bill can is automatically added by the PMS.

Power Backup

The BPC 20 KVA is used to provide clean power to the equipment installed in the data centre

  • Structured cabling based on Giganet manufacture.
  • Wireless network on Cisco (Cisco 702i for in-room and 1702i for public areas).
  • The installed IP PBX is Cisco Call manager BE6000. Third party Phones for the hotel rooms (Certis) and cisco 7811 for senior admin.
  • PhonEXONE for Call Accounting and PMS integration.
  • 24Online (200iX) for HSIA.
  • TM3 was used for environmental monitoring.
  • BPC 20 KVA Pro was used for power backup.
  • HP G9 Servers were supplied.

Data and Application Security

Data and Application Security