Most of the time IT is forced to react to problems, rather than proactively addressing them or introducing innovations for business.
With DAAS solution it enhances your team, giving them the information, expertise, and insights needed to proactively engage with users, wherever they are. These include predicting component failures, measuring device utilization, and trained experts to help manage and deploy devices.

? Why choose Device as a Service (DaaS)
In summary, DaaS and its modern technology service model can really impact user productivity, IT workloads, and ultimately save your organization time and money.
• DaaS can lighten the load on your IT team by outsourcing the day-to-day monitoring and management so you can focus on more strategic projects for the company.
• Reducing downtime with ’s device health and predictive analytics makes users and IT happy
• DaaS plans deliver a modern computing service model that makes IT spend more predictable and flexible to match an organization changing needs.

? Flexibility for Your Business
• Instead of static device ownership, companies subscribe to compute plans with less or more services depending on their needs.
• Customers can adjust their plans and flex their fleet down from 5 to 15% to meet their changing workforce or workload, and add lifecycle services and refresh devices as needed.

Managed Print Service (MPS) :

Simply stated, a Managed Print Service combines all components of the imaging and printing value chain (Hardware, Supplies, Software/Solutions, and Services) into one multi-year commercial contract with clear SLAs and continuous improvement goals established and monitored.

Partnering under MPS means having your hardware, solutions, OEM supplies, and management under one contract, with a single point of entry for all your needs.

We believe the key to delivering the desired business benefits is to take a strategic three-pronged approach to implement MPS within your organization.
Optimize and Secure: This is all about making sure you have the right hardware and software deployed in an economical fashion to meet your organization’s needs. And given that the imaging and printing environment is part of your overall technology footprint, we work with your IT organization to ensure that it is properly secured—at the device, document, and data levels.

Manage the Ecosystem:
In summary, this is about maintaining visibility, transparency, and control of your imaging and printing environment. Identifying changing trends and behaviors within the user community allows you to proactively keep your fleet operating at peak efficiency and adjust as necessary to accommodate the changes.
Value Proposition
• Decrease costs and increase operational efficiency.
• Allow you to increase focus and investment on what really matters – your clients