Data Center Solutions

We enable organizations to concentrate on their core business

Sybyl cuts down on your IT budgets by outsourcing tailored and dedicated state of the art technology solutions thus leveraging on partnerships and platforms.

Companies across East Africa need cost effective and affordable hosting solutions to facilitate applications, databases and critical server environments. ?

Data Security is an integral part of our systems. You can safely secure your data outside your offices in our data centre because:

  • You will maintain the administrative passwords for your server.
  • All WAN connections are protected by VPN and you have the option of putting any additional encryption.
  • Only updates travel on the network and hence no one can access data when it’s on the network with regards to our backup solution.
  • All maintenance for your data will be provided by yourself unless we are given access by your administrator with a proper formal arrangement.
  • We only provide a virtual space for your data to reside in our Data Center; this space is protected from power, fire and other natural and physical calamities.
  • We shall also configure the automatic hourly back up of your data when it is on our Virtual Storage.

01. Software Defined Data Centre Solutions

Traditional IT has been functioning around with dedicated infrastructure for specific applications restricting agility, efficiency and sustainable expansion of IT architecture.

With Software Defined Data Center Solutions (SDDC) you can virtualize the infrastructure – Compute, Storage, Networking, Security and Availability Services and have a software defined policy driven approach to manage and deliver IT ‘as-a-service’.

SDDC provides a lot of flexibility and agility by enabling you to deploy apps quickly and improves the efficiency & utilization of IT resources by increasing the adoption of cloud services model.

With SDDC puzzling and complex IT requirements can be deployed in a swift programmable manner improving ROI, reducing CAPEX and OPEX expenditures.

02. Converged/Hyper Converged Solutions.

With complexity of managing the legacy IT infrastructure and the task of keeping up with the ever-growing business demand, IT is constantly under pressure to deliver services.

Sybyl’s Hyper Converged and Converged Infrastructure solutions addresses the cost and complexities by providing an all-in-one virtualization solution that integrates compute and software-defined storage into a single, easy-to-manage, software-defined platform.

The technology makes it simple to acquire, deploy, and manage IT infrastructure and workloads as your business needs grow over time

With high data efficiency capabilities and built-in Backup and Disaster Recovery, You can significantly reduce your Data Centre footprints while reducing the overall TCO and improving operational productivity.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure is highly scalable and allows you to start small and grow big as need arises.

03. Composable Infrastructure Solutions

Traditional IT apps are built on commercial, build-it-yourself models and are sometimes based on decades-old architecture. Apps for traditional IT are ops-driven, cost-focused and designed to support existing business processes like collaboration or data processing.

In today’s world, Apps are a catalyst to drive business and must be able to adapt with different levels of changes.

Sybyl’s Composable Infrastructure Solutions enables you to deploy IT resources swiftly for any workload requirement with powerful software that orchestrates every element of the IT resources.

The software-defined intelligence in collaboration with the different programmable APIs enables you to automate deployment of the right amount of compute, storage and fabric combination to drive your business needs.