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InterDialog UCCS – Contact Center Solutions

InterDialog UCCS – a robust contact/ call center software that helps organizations provide a seamless customer experience across all channels in the customer service journey. All interactions from various channels come to a single unified queue on the InterDialog platform. With a unified view, agents get to see all historical interactions, enabling him to give a resolution quickly. InterDialog UCCS is a comprehensive Contact/Call Center Software with robust CTI, Unified Q (ACD), Reporting, Unified Agent Management, Administrator, and Supervisor – Monitoring (Pmonitor)

IVR Software – allow customers to help themselves

It can handle the simplest of simple to the most complex of requirements when it comes to creating an IVR. Integration with any 3rd party database, be it for banking, telecom, insurance, travel, payment gateway, etc can be handled with ease. Ideally suited to create Hosted IVR and virtual patching solutions with scalabilities that can range from 4 to 128 E1’s per setup with voice recording and CDR functionality. Integration with leading text to speech (TTS) and speech recognition ASR engines add to the flexibility and functionality.

ActivDesk Software – Helpdesk


ActivDesk Help Desk Software is an intelligent ticketing software for multi-channel customer interaction & engagement. It streamlines the entire ticket management process. With its SLA & escalation management, it enables your help desk to deliver enriching customer experience.

Today, most customers prefer to communicate via multiple platforms. You need an omnichannel customer support desk enabling clients to communicate with the service team via social media, email, phone, chat, and so on. With ActivDesk Helpdesk Solution the channel choice remains with the customer but the customer service is consistent with a unified view of all previous cross channel interactions. An intuitive Help Desk software provides you with the mechanism to interact through several channels and foster a better brand image. To read more about other features of ActivDesk Help Desk Software, please visit website https://www.activdesk.in

ActivDesk LMS – Lead Management Software

ActivLead is a comprehensive lead management software for effectively capturing, distributing, and managing leads. This Lead Management System tracks and manages all inquiries coming through multiple offline and online channels like phone, email, chat, social media, and website. It collects all leads from multi-channel sources to a unified dashboard and enables a unified view of all details like previous interactions.

ActivLead LMS helps to manage the complete life cycle of a lead, efficiently and effectively to maximize conversions.

InterDialog Dialer – Outbound Dialer

The InterDialog Dialer is an independent & intelligent auto dialer software that controls the outbound calls using various algorithms. This call center dialer works as Predictive Dialer Software, Progressive Dialer Software, Preview Dialer Software, or Power Dialer Software based on the requirement of the process.

The predictive dialer software and automatic dialer algorithms used by the Interdialog Dialer are designed to improve efficiency by lowering the wait time, the number of dropped calls, and the idle time of agents. They are configured to allow the Dialer to decide which group to call, which agent to divert a connected call to, etc. These decisions are based on various factors such as the approximate duration of a call, the number of agents available, the number of connections, etc.


Via SMS is an SMS based solution that includes an SMS alert system & SMS query system which is developed by Teckinfo Solutions to pass on the information and communicate with customers in a time-efficient and target-specific manner. It is used to pass on useful information such as booking and payment details, payment reminders, updates on special deals or offers, etc. in the form of text messages on the customers’ mobile phones. It targets customers based on the contacts and groups in an address book that is maintained and updated in an organization’s database.
Via SMS can also use to get business SMS, promotional SMS, text message alert, SMS reminder, bulk SMS, SMS alert service, etc. Via SMS is flexible enough to be integrated with the systems of organizations belonging to various fields such as the hospitality industry, the education industry, the health industry, the automobile industry, etc. This tool will put your business where it matters the most – right in your customers’ hands!

Blazon Pro

Welcome to the world of digital information display systems. Ever wonder what is behind all these beautiful displays, it a piece of brilliant software!! Welcome to Blazon Pro IDS that enables you to display images, movies, information, captions, etc. to enhance the spaces around you.

Coupled with this is Blazon Pro AAS (Automatic Announcement Systems) which connects to any public announcement hardware to make routine, emergency, the trigger-based announcement in public and private spaces.

Blazon Pro is a complete suite of products that provides information display software(FIDS, PIDS & IDS) along with automatic announcement systems (AFAS, PAS & AAS). Blazon Pro series of products are ideal for airports, metros, railways, bus stations, shopping malls, BPO’s(wallboard), retail outlets, stadiums, and hospitals etc.