Matrix Unified Communications Solutions

We help organizations thrive in an environment that demands constant connection.

Matrix Unified Communications solution offers you an Advanced Unified Communication Solution which we believe will improve the effectiveness of Communication and Collaboration within your organization.

A Unified Communication Solution engineered on four pillars of Collaboration, Communication, Messaging, and Mobility to enhance customer convenience and business productivity. With its intuitive interface and built-in real-time features of Video Calling, Email Integration, Presence Sharing, and BLF Keys, the solution will empower your organization to easily extend its reach to the employees. It is designed to overcome geographical, communication device, and user-accessibility barriers with a single platform solution.

The following are the advantages and features of the Advanced Unified Communication Solution we would like to propose:

  • Users can use their Desk Phone, Desktop (Windows), and Smart Phone, there are SoftPhone clients available for all of these. Each User can register 3 devices to the PBX and when that user is called- all the 3 phones ring at the same (as long as Users with smartphones are given Wi-Fi Access to the LAN).
  • In-Built Call Cost Management – Call Billing and Call Budgeting (You can assign budgets to each and every user with a code to call outside and thus can control the costs. Also, you can extract reports of Incoming and Outgoing Calls).
  • Users with soft clients can use Instant Messaging/Chat (just like Skype or google talk etc…)
  • PBX has an in-built GSM Card Module. You can procure any SIM Cards and just install it in the system- This seems to benefit the customers a lot because people buy Airtel and MTN Sim Cards and activate monthly bundles and make an unlimited number of free outgoing calls.
  • The solution can be provisioned with the E1 Card. You will have to procure the E1 Service from one of the Service Providers (UTL/MTN/AIRTEL etc…)
  • Automatic Route Selection and Least Cost Routing. This is whereby the calls are routed through the channels that will charge the least cost. Hence call cost-cutting.
  • Customized Music-on-Hold. With this, a message concerning the company is usually played when one calls in. Hence promoting professionalism.
  • Transfer/conference.
  • Pickup Groups.
  • Department/Hunt Groups.
  • Time of the Day Routing.
  • Auto-Attendant.
  • Time of the Day Routing.
  • Authorization Code/PIN Code Dialing.

Solutions by Industry

Matrix has field-proven solutions tailored for different industries such as:

Modern Enterprises

Connect, Communicate and Collaborate

  • Flexible Scalability
  • One Number Reach
  • Video Calling
  • Easy Multi-Party Conference setup


Advance Communication Solution Solutions for Modern Hotels-Motels

  • All in One Hotel Communication Solution
  • Automate Hotel Routine Activities
  • Boost Staff Productivity
  • Enrich Guest Experience


Revitalize Patient Care Capabilities

  • Extend Mobility to service staff
  • Improve patient care by reducing Communication delays
  • Streamline communication and control telephony costs


Simplifying the Communication complexities

  • Flexible scalability for continual growth
  • Seamless Integration of Multiple locations
  • Uniform customer service regardless of the location


Creating more Business Opportunities

  • Establish anytime connectivity with valued customers
  • No communication delay with control over operational costs
  • Increase Banker/ Trader productivity and responsiveness

Retail Chains.

Simplify multiple location communication

  • Seamless Integration of Multiple locations
  • One-touch connectivity to retail outlets
  • Easy manageability
  • Control over operational costs.

Matrix IP-PBX Range Of Products

  • UC Solution for Large Enterprises
  • UC Solution for Modern Enterprises
  • UC Solution for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • IP-PBX for Small Businesses (SOHO IP-PBX, SOHO PBX)
  • Universal Media Gateways (VoIP Gateways, GSM Gateways)
  • Emergency application Gateways (SMS Gateway)
  • Fixed Media Gateways
  • Applications (CTI, Email to SMS, Voicemail, etc…)