Overview of the Project

The Project involved Installation and configuration new Dell EMC vBlock Systems by replacing HP Itanium servers, Migrating from HP UX to Oracle Linux.
It also involved Data migration from Old HP EVA Storage to the new vBlock System. It involved complex Database migration of Database running on HP UX to Oracle Linux. The implementation also included Network infrastructure enhancement along with configuration of new Radware Load balancer.

MOFPED was running their critical applications and Databases on old infrastructure that comprised of HP Itanium servers along with the HP EVA Storage. The major concern for MOFPED was that the Server and Storage were obsolete. The other problem included Oracle Database Licensing as for HP UX MOFPED had to shell out more on Oracle Licenses. MOFPED was functioning on an old technology which attained the End of life status.

With Siloed and old infrastructure, the management of IT Infrastructure was a problem for the MOFPED IT team.

Sybyl understood that the Cost incurred in managing the infrastructure that was too old has to be curbed. Also, Oracle licensing cost for HP UX was on a higher end which could have been addressed by replacing it.

Sybyl consolidated their old and slow Infrastructure using the Dell EMC vBlock systems there by creating an Infrastructure that combined the Compute, Networking and Storage resources in a single stack.  Management overhead was eliminated as vBlock involved efficient management feature along with Single Vendor Support Structure.

With VMware, all the resources on vBlock System was consolidated leading to efficient resource utilization.

The HP UX was replaced by Oracle Linux that halved the expenditure on Oracle Licensing thereby saving costs. With upgraded Networking, application performance increased significantly.

With the new Agile and Consolidated infrastructure, MOFPED saved significantly on their management costs. It also resulted in Power, Space and Cooling savings as their old infrastructure was replaced with efficient vBlock system.

By migrating from HP UX to Oracle Linux, MOFPED ended up saving a lot on Oracle Licensing costs. With VMware, MOFPED could now be able to efficiently utilize their IT resources.

Data and Application Security

Data and Application Security