Client Overview

Marriott Kigali is the premier luxury business hotel located in downtown Kigali, close to the Financial Districts, Embassies, Government Ministries and Kigali City Hall.

Sybyl Scope of Work.

  • Installation of structured cabling with Copper – Horizontal distribution and fibre – Vertical Distribution.
  • Installation of network Switching and routing network which should cater for both the data, VOIP and IPTV requirements with full redundancy and zero downtime with instant recovery.
  • Install a wireless network with –65 Db of wireless strength on all the Hotel areas.
  • Supply and configuration HP Server Solution for hotel business management applications
  • Install and configure state of the art high speed internet access solution.
  • Install and configure digital signage solutions for public notification.
  • Supply of desktop computers, laptops and printing solution for back office.

Solution Highlights

Structured cabling Solution

  • A network more than 2000 users network ports.
  • Used around 140Km of copper cable for horizontal distribution.
  • Used complete vertical backbone distribution with redundant indoor fibre cabling for redundancy.

Switching & Wireless solution

  • Implemented HP 8000 Series Modular Switches for the core network
  • Implemented HP 2900 Gigabit POE switches for the access layer
  • Implemented 500+ HP MSM /Unified access points for the Wireless coverage solution.

Voice/ PABX Solution

  • AVAYA Enterprise Call Manager Solution with complete call centre features.
  • COTELL – Analog solution for the analogue distribution for the room and public areas.
  • AVAYA – IP Phone solution for Internal Administration network.

Data Centre/Distribution Frames

  • Industry standards DC Racking and power distribution solution for the main distribution frame (data centre) and eighteen other distribution frames.

IPTV – Internet Television

  • Very innovative Guest Experience with High Quality IPTV Solution from InterTouch Solutions.
  • Integrated with 47″ LG Hotel TVs for all Guest Rooms.

HSIA (High Speed Internet Access) (Intertouch)

  • Easily accessible wide-spread high-quality wireless and in room wired internet services from Intertouch.

Backend Server Solutions

  • Industry Standard HP Proliant G9 Servers and Backup solution for the Business critical Hospitality/Property Management applications and other backend Applications.

Technology Vendors (Products/Solutions)

  • Schneider/APC
  • Hewlett Packard (HPN)
  • Intertouch & LG
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise solution
  • Hewlett Packard Inc Office solutions
  • RMG Networks for Digital Signage


  • High Quality Guest Experience with Latest technology solutions
  • Highly Availability Networks
  • End-to-end Wireless Coverage
  • Future proof Digital signage solutions

Data and Application Security

Data and Application Security