Client Overview

Marriott Kigali is the premier luxury business hotel located in downtown Kigali, close to the Financial Districts, Embassies, Government Ministries and Kigali City Hall.

Computer Point Scope of Work.

  • Installation of structured cabling with Copper – Horizontal distribution and fibre – Vertical Distribution.
  • Installation of network Switching and routing network which should cater for both the data, VOIP and IPTV requirements with full redundancy and zero downtime with instant recovery.
  • Install a wireless network with –65 Db of wireless strength on all the Hotel areas.
  • Supply and configuration HP Server Solution for hotel business management applications
  • Install and configure state of the art high speed internet access solution.
  • Install and configure digital signage solutions for public notification.
  • Supply of desktop computers, laptops and printing solution for back office.

Solution Highlights

Structured cabling Solution

  • A network more than 2000 users network ports.
  • Used around 140Km of copper cable for horizontal distribution.
  • Used complete vertical backbone distribution with redundant indoor fibre cabling for redundancy.

Switching & Wireless solution

  • Implemented HP 8000 Series Modular Switches for the core network
  • Implemented HP 2900 Gigabit POE switches for the access layer
  • Implemented 500+ HP MSM /Unified access points for the Wireless coverage solution.

Voice/ PABX Solution

  • AVAYA Enterprise Call Manager Solution with complete call centre features.
  • COTELL – Analog solution for the analogue distribution for the room and public areas.
  • AVAYA – IP Phone solution for Internal Administration network.

Data Centre/Distribution Frames

  • Industry standards DC Racking and power distribution solution for the main distribution frame (data centre) and eighteen other distribution frames.

IPTV – Internet Television

  • Very innovative Guest Experience with High Quality IPTV Solution from InterTouch Solutions.
  • Integrated with 47″ LG Hotel TVs for all Guest Rooms.

HSIA (High Speed Internet Access) (Intertouch)

  • Easily accessible wide-spread high-quality wireless and in room wired internet services from Intertouch.

Backend Server Solutions

  • Industry Standard HP Proliant G9 Servers and Backup solution for the Business critical Hospitality/Property Management applications and other backend Applications.

Technology Vendors (Products/Solutions)

  • Schneider/APC
  • Hewlett Packard (HPN)
  • Intertouch & LG
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise solution
  • Hewlett Packard Inc Office solutions
  • RMG Networks for Digital Signage


  • High Quality Guest Experience with Latest technology solutions
  • Highly Availability Networks
  • End-to-end Wireless Coverage
  • Future proof Digital signage solutions

Data and Application Security

Data and Application Security