Intelligently simple | Absolutely resilient | Built for speed

Scale faster. Get to market quicker. Make your IT infrastructure more resilient,while lowering TCO.
It’s all possible with HCI 2.0 from HPE

HCI 2.0 delivers powerful competitive advantage, with better performance,

resiliency, and economics that will make your CFO smile.

Power into the future

Intelligently simple
Absolutely resilient
Built for speed


HCI 2.0 is the next evolution of hyperconverged IT architecture, going beyond the limitations of traditional HCI.

The unfulfilled promise of HCI

The first generation of HCI delivered breakthrough ease-of-use and simplicity. But architectural limitations mean it can’t support business-critical apps and mixed workloads without adding risk. To extend the HCI experience across all apps, and finally make good on HCI’s promise, HPE has created a more robust architecture.

Agility without the price tag

Thriving tomorrow means investing in an IT plan with benefits that are usually reserved for enterprise-level businesses. HCI 2.0 delivers foundational technology at a price tag that will make your CFO smile.

It’s time for HCI 2.0

Enter HCI 2.0 in the form of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, a new hyperconverged architecture delivers enterprise-grade speed, absolute resilience, and flexible scale. It’s everything you need to power all your apps—at scale and without worry.Tomorrow belongs to the entrepreneurs who build it today. The creators of the future need technology that helps them move fast, stay lean, maintain focus and make the most of all their talent. HCI 2.0 is the simple, flexible, intelligent technology that powers agile businesses. And it’s intelligent enough to manage itself, so you don’t have to.

Accelerate innovation with next-generation HCI that allows you to scale your data center your way, with faster data throughput and increased resilience.

Scale today and tomorrow

Accelerate confidently into the future with intelligent technology that ticks all the boxes:

An IT investment that makes business sense
Enterprise-level power that’s up and running in as little as 15 minutes
Lower TCO with no overprovisioning
Data security with intrusion detection baked in
Disaster recovery made easy with enterprise-grade services for on- and off-site backup
Boost productivity with a system that flexes as you scale
99.9999% availability and low-latency performance
AI-based data management
Scale what you need, when you need it