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Public Sector Revenue Management

Public Sector Revenue

Sybyl’s Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management is a comprehensive solution tailored for government authorities overseeing revenue law and policy.
The Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management solution offers a complete set of features and functions to address the needs of government authorities responsible for the administration of revenue law and policy.

Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management is specifically designed to support the challenges of tax and revenue administrations worldwide. It is a secure, tax-specific, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution that enables tax and revenue administrations to optimize all aspects of the revenue collection process and quickly respond to tax law and regulatory changes.

Elevate revenue administration: adaptable, secure, end-to-end solutions worldwide.

The solution provides an easier and simpler method for capturing and implementing the ever-changing complex policy-related rules in the core revenue administrative system. These capabilities are contained within a configurable software application that is maintainable and upgradeable. The solution is specifically designed and built to help government authorities achieve objectives such as maximizing compliance, improving citizen service, enhancing revenue collection capabilities, and providing increased flexibility to respond to changes in revenue law.

The Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management solution provides these key advantages:

  • A true Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) package – The solution is upgradeable and maintainable. Revenue authorities are able to implement updates while preserving their site-specific configurations.
  • Complete end-to-end revenue authority business process functionality, including: Registration, Forms Processing, Billing and Tax Assessment, Overdue and Collections Processing, Accounting, including Penalty and Interest, Disbursements and Overpayments and it also has Policy Modelling and Policy Automation.

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