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Public Sector Procurement

Public Sector Procurement

Sybyl revolutionizes governance with integrated, cost-effective software for modern public service.

Revolutionizing Public Sector Efficiency: Tailored Solutions for 21st Century Governance. Sybyl delivers integrated, cost-effective software, enhancing service delivery and meeting the demands of a modern, accountable government

We’ve adapted solutions for Government to enhance structural performance and well-being, cutting costs yet engaging more effectively and actively with the population. Key ‘Smart City’ solutions sectors include Justice Law & Order, Social Security, Transport, Energy, Healthcare, Agriculture, Water and Waste.

For E-Government and M-Government solutions, we handle end to end process implementation, starting from enabling the environment up to providing e-Services to citizens. This include defining a e-Government Interoperability Framework to integrate different services for government, and implementing a shared delivery platform which includes Enterprise Service Bus, Authentication service, mobile gateway, payment gateway, e-services portal, and mobile solutions.

Adding resource constraints to the mix, and the puzzle of how to effectively serve a 21st century populous becomes even more difficult to solve.

Our solution portfolio includes Smart City, Smart Safety, Health Insight, Smart Schools, Pension & Social Security, JLOS solutions, Prison Management, GIS enabled solutions and E-Procurement amongst a host of other world class solutions. Smart Hospitals

Few industries have a greater need for purpose-built, flexible software solutions, and few organizations have more experience delivering them like we do. Sybyl offers the most complete, integrated, end-to-end solution for the public sector.

Let us help you meet the rising demand for better government services, budgetary restraint, and accountability – with our software packages for the public sector. Our digital government solutions use technologies such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and analytics to help organizations improve performance and develop forward-thinking, citizen-centric programs.

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