A Cloud Based School Management ERP System

With years of understanding of the Academic Sector, Sybyl has developed a School Management System covering all the pain points of any educational institution.

What is it?

EduCat is a Cloud based end-to-end School Management ERP System. The system has been build with years of understanding of the Academic Sector and covers all the pain points of any educational institution. EduCat is deployed on the cloud which gives many direct benefits and advantages such as accessibility from anywhere on any device, no infrastructure or costly licenses support, simple web based access. This reduces your cost of deployment as well as total cost of ownership

Suitable for Any Academic Institution

Any Academic institution can enjoy the benefit of EduCat. The ERP is suitable for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, and Tertiary Institutions including Colleges and Universities. As there are no limitations on the number of students.

Institute Management has never been easier with EduCat. This includes student’s reports, guardian and teacher collaboration, administration of institution’s activities (resource management and tracking), online examinations and assignments, teacher student collaboration, student-student collaboration, social media platform within the institution and even registration activities.

The Power of Collaboration

Being suitable for various institution implies the system comes with a lot of flexibility and scalability. This is because the system uses modules relevant to each institution. A good example is a primary school may have boarding facilities, on signing up to use the system, we give you the option of a module to use to manage the boarding facility. This makes us cost effective and you only pay for what you get.

EduCat features three key pillars; the staff of the institution, the student and the guardian. This establishes a complete chain of communication as everyone can be up to speed with regard to the student’s progress in an instant.

Get EduCat Today

Our team is ready to walk you through the features of EduCat. Better yet, to give you confidence, we will give you a free one-month trial to review the immense benefits of the solution.

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