Sybyl works in partnership with Cisco Systems across a wide range of IT networking projects. This relationship has developed over a number of years and provides Sybyl with a support portfolio that expands on their existing service offering, without the additional cost and resource of in-house expertise.

Diamond Trust Bank approached Computer Point Ltd to assist them with the implementation of Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) to maximize performance of their Wide Area Network (WAN). In addition, there was also a particular focus on accelerating the performance of their Core Banking Applications that was being rolled out at the same time across multiple locations worldwide.

The DTB exists WAN spanned in 4 Countries. Following an initial baseline test of the network, the deployment would also require the installation and configuration of Cisco networking equipment in Kenya along with remote configuration of the equipment.


  • Partner with a trusted Cisco WAAS expert
  • Provide installations and remote configuration for DTB HQ (Kenya)
  • Accelerate application traffic across SAP ERP system

Once Sybyl had a thorough understanding of their customer’s requirement it became obvious to them that would provide the perfect complement to their existing service proposition. Sybyl’s efficient style of business and their expertise in Cisco technology meant they were able to deliver everything needed to the highest possible standard.

We provided a solution that deployed a Cisco WAAS execution to optimize and accelerate application traffic that traversed the existing WAN throughout their offices. The key application that the optimization was being deployed for was their Core Banking Application including the other major traffics, where performance and operational efficiency was the main driver.

The scope of what was delivered to the customer by Sybyl was as follows:

  • Baseline testing prior to Cisco WAAS introduction
  • Reconfiguration of customer’s core network to accommodate new devices and traffic flows
  • Installation and Configuration of Cisco WAE-512-K9 (Data Centre WAE) and WAVE-274-K9 (Central Manager) at Kenya HQ
  • Remote configuration of Cisco Integrated Services Routers and WAVE 274-K9 for the rest of the branches
  • Basic Connectivity testing, File Transfer and Secure Application access
  • Performance report and comparison post WAAS solution
  • Troubleshooting where necessary

The solution demonstrated the breadth of Cisco WAAS knowledge that Sybyl could access once they had partnered with Cisco Systems. As a Cisco Premier Partner Sybyl invest considerable time and

resource into ensuring their team of Cisco specialists are trained on all the latest technologies, so when enquiries do come in from channel partners they have the resource available to act quickly and efficiently.


  • Accelerate and optimize application traffic
  • Implement solution across global WAN
  • Access to highly trained Cisco WAAS specialists

The partnership with Cisco Systems allowed Sybyl to be responsive and proactive to this project allowing them to finalize the scope and complete the work in extremely tight timescales. This allowed the customer to be operational before the required deadline; ensuring minimal disruption was experienced across their entire global business.


  • Project implemented ahead of schedule
  • Expand service proposition
  • Increase customer loyalty

Following a successful Cisco WAAS implementation, DTB is very confident that future planned rollouts at their branches/sites will be delivered by Computer Point.

Data and Application Security

Data and Application Security