Overview of the Project

The Project involved Installation and configuration of IBM Power Systems, PureFlex and Storage Systems namely IBM StoreWize and Nimble. LPAR’s were created and Power HA was configured on IBM Power Servers. It also included creation of virtual machines on IBM PureFlex and Integration of storage with PureFlex. Implementation also included configuration of Citrix NetScaler and XenApp for Application control and consolidation. The Project also included Network upgrade along with NetBackup implementation and Storage based replication for Disaster Recovery.

CRDB had been running an Old Core Banking application that had very limited functionality. They were in a process of revamping their Core Banking application which was multifunctional and easy to use. For the application to perform, the underlying Infrastructure was not at par and comprised of Old Server and Storage infrastructure.

CRDB didn’t have any Backup solution in place and were not having any solution to run their mission critical Business Application in case of a site failure or disaster.

The IT infrastructure resources were not fully utilized as it lacked consolidation. The Network topology was old and had performance issues. There was no strategy on structuring the Application data and load-balancing Application accessibility.

Sybyl identified that CRDB needs to upgrade their IT infrastructure so as to support the new Core Banking Application and consolidate their old Server and Storage infrastructure using IBM PureFlex Systems.

The new Core Banking application was hosted on the high performing IBM Power Systems and for high availability the Power HA was configured.

The IBM PureFlex System consolidated their Compute resources using virtualization and resulted in eliminating Management overhead as all the Infrastructure resources were consolidated in a single stack. With the new upgraded Network setup, CRDB could now work on a high speed and efficient network.

All the Application workload was consolidated and virtualized using Citrix XenApp and the accessibility load was balanced across using NetScaler thereby giving CRDB an efficient Application delivery control.

Sybyl implemented NetBackup to streamline their Backup strategy and enabled CRDB to restore from any data unavailability. With Storage Based Replication, CRDB could now replicate their critical data over to their DR site thereby covering for Site Failure.

With the new Agile and highly available infrastructure, CRDB saved immensely on their Operational costs. CRDB’s Core Banking application were now running on State-of-the-Art infrastructure which was easy to manage. With load-balancing and Application Consolidation, CRDB achieved better ROI as the resources were efficiently utilized.

CRDB now had a proper and working Backup and Disaster Recovery mechanism that enabled them to sustain Data loss and Site failure scenarios.

Data and Application Security

Data and Application Security