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Cash Recycling ATMs

Cash Recycling ATMs

Cash processing solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Sybyl provide Cash Recycling Machines with the hallmarks of precision, reliability, and technological excellence.

Hitachi’s cutting-edge Cash Recycling Machine (CRM) represent a revolution of cash handling and branch automation. As a Hitachi partner, we bring you a bleeding edge production solution designed to redefine efficiency, security, and convenience in your financial operations. Backed by over 30 years of refinement in the Cash Recycling ATM technology, Hitachi has become synonymous with precision, reliability, and technological excellence. Our CRMs leverage this rich history, incorporating advanced features that cater to the evolving needs of the financial industry.

Unparalleled Performance and Versatility, Hitachi’s Cash Recycling Machine stands out with its multi-functional capabilities. From handling cash deposits and withdrawals to efficient recycling, the CRM does it all. With up to 300 notes processed per transaction, high-speed operations, and a substantial capacity of up to 17,000 notes, it’s a powerhouse for streamlining your cash management processes.

Our CRMs, exemplified by the SR9500 model, boast a sleek and modern design equipped with a multi-touch display akin to a smartphone bringing Intelligent Design for  your Branch Automation. The upgraded cash module, XR, ensures compatibility and reliability, while rounded corners and replaceable components enhance user convenience and maintenance efficiency.

Our solution has the capability to significantly enhance operational performance and delivering a clear return on investment.

Cash Recycling Machines bring a multitude of benefits to your business. They enhance efficiency and reduce costs by minimizing cash replenishment cycles, offering high-speed processing, and managing transactions equivalent to three tellers. With reduced waiting times, improved customer service, and lower power consumption, our CRMs are a catalyst for modernizing your financial operations.

We are committed to bringing you the latest in financial technology. Our collaboration with Hitachi ensures that you receive not just a product, but a solution crafted with precision, innovation, and a vision for the future. Explore the possibilities with us as we inspire the next wave of branch automation and cash handling solutions. Embrace the future of finance with Sybyl and Hitachi – where technology meets reliability for a seamless financial experience!

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